Capstone Thesis: "Up in Smoke"
For my capstone thesis, "Up in Smoke," I embarked on an in-depth exploration of the tobacco industry, focusing on its longstanding legacy of health impacts and the evolution of its advertising strategies. My central research question was: How has the effectiveness and perception of tobacco advertisement campaigns evolved over the years? This question guided my investigation into the complex relationship between tobacco marketing and public health.
"Unlucky Strikes" Playing Cards
As a unique and interactive element of my project, I designed a set of playing cards titled "Unlucky Strikes." Each card features reproductions of notable tobacco advertisement campaigns (front), showcasing the diverse tactics used by the industry as well as Important facts and statistics related to tobacco use, health impacts, and advertising regulations (back). These facts aim to educate and provoke thought about the true cost of smoking. The playing cards are housed in a custom-designed box, symbolically named "Unlucky Strikes," reflecting the ironic twist of fate that comes with tobacco addiction.
Information Design Poster
To visually communicate my findings, I created an information design poster that encapsulates the evolution of tobacco advertising. This poster combines historical images, data visualizations, and key insights to provide a clear and engaging narrative of how tobacco advertising has changed over the decades. The design highlights significant milestones and turning points, such as the introduction of health warnings on cigarette packages and the rise of anti-smoking campaigns.
Research and Analysis
Through this comprehensive analysis, I identified patterns and shifts in the messaging and methods used by the tobacco industry, from the early 20th century's glamorous depictions to the more subdued and legally constrained advertisements of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
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