Logo Design
The official logo of SIKE. The brand's visual identity is striking and purposeful, featuring a black logotype with a red exclamation point for the "I" to symbolize urgency and action. 
SIKE Motion Graphic
The SIKE video advertisement is a powerful 10-second infomercial featuring dynamic visuals, a bold logo, and an urgent voiceover, designed to quickly educate the public about the dangers of vaping and encourage quitting, encapsulated by the secondary slogan, "Just say sike".
Print Advertisement
The SIKE magazine print ad, targeting teenagers, parents, and educators, uses the witty tagline "Don't feel bad for ghosting nicotine; it was a toxic relationship anyway," to eye-catchingly and informatively raise awareness about the dangers of vaping and promote the campaign's message.
Package Design
Brand Standards Manual
The SIKE Brand Standards Manual is an essential guide designed to ensure the consistent and effective application of the SIKE brand identity across all platforms and touchpoints. This manual provides detailed instructions and visual examples of the correct usage of the SIKE logo, color palette, typography, and other brand elements. It outlines the principles for maintaining brand integrity, including guidelines for proportional scaling, color usage, and incorrect applications of the logo. By adhering to these standards, stakeholders can preserve the cohesive and impactful visual identity of the SIKE campaign, ensuring that all communications reflect our mission to combat vaping addiction with clarity and strength.
SIKE Brand Process Book
The SIKE Process Book offers a comprehensive look into the creative journey behind the development of the SIKE brand identity. This book documents the entire process, from initial concept and research to final execution, showcasing the evolution of the brand through sketches, iterations, and final designs. It covers key project components, including the corporate communication package, packaging design, advertising campaigns, and web design. Through detailed descriptions and visual documentation, the process book highlights the strategic decisions and creative solutions that shaped the SIKE brand, providing a transparent view of how the brand identity was crafted to support the campaign’s mission of raising awareness and encouraging individuals to quit vaping.
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