For this project, I designed a comprehensive 25-page sustainability report for Ozeano Eyewear, a brand renowned for its eco-friendly practices and coastal-inspired products. The report encapsulates Ozeano's sustainability journey, highlighting key achievements such as their impressive B Corps score and significant reductions in carbon emissions. Drawing inspiration from the brand's Sydney roots and beachside production, I selected a color palette featuring teal, sandy beige, and warm orange tones, evoking the natural beauty of coastal landscapes. Utilizing the Futura font face, I ensured a modern, clean aesthetic that enhanced readability and visual appeal. This project not only showcased Ozeano's commitment to environmental stewardship but also served as a visually engaging narrative to inspire stakeholders and consumers towards a more sustainable future.
Research and Concept Development
The project began with in-depth research into Ozeano Eyewear's brand values, sustainability practices, and target audience. This foundational phase was crucial in understanding the brand's ethos and setting the direction for the report. I compiled comprehensive data on Ozeano's environmental initiatives, B Corps certification, and social responsibility efforts. Developed initial concepts and mood boards to guide the visual and narrative style of the report.
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