"Bullseye's Adventures" is a delightful and humorous comic book series that brings to life the daily escapades of Bullseye, the iconic Target dog, as he navigates the bustling environment of a Target store; set during the early morning shift from 4 AM to 12 PM, Bullseye takes on the role of a stocker, working diligently with the morning truck team to unload merchandise and stock the shelves. In this creative and engaging project, I have developed a three-page mockup to introduce readers to the whimsical world of Bullseye at Target, combining wit, humor, and relatable workplace scenarios to offer a unique perspective on the retail industry through the eyes of Target's beloved mascot.
Cover Spread
The cover of "Bullseye's Adventures" features a vibrant and dynamic illustration of Bullseye, the iconic Target dog, energetically unloading a truck amidst a backdrop of bustling store activity, capturing the humor and excitement of his daily adventures.
Inside Pages 1 and 2
This project aims to combine the familiar charm of Bullseye with the everyday hustle of a retail environment, creating a relatable and entertaining narrative. "Bullseye's Adventures" is designed to resonate with anyone who has experienced the fast-paced world of retail, offering a lighthearted escape through the eyes of Target's beloved mascot.

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